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When You Want To "Search" For A Person/s .... Simply Put In Your Desired Person, Man, Woman. Your Desired Destination/s, Your Desired Partner/s, Travel, Invest, Romance. Our Global Village! Our Fab Forum will search out those particular members who actually have the same desires to match You! You can also a very simple word search on the top left "search". For more desription, you can hit "extended".

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Third Of Retired Expats Want To Go Home To Britain By Lisa Smith -   March 29, 2016 One in three British expats who moved overseas to retire are disillusioned with their new lives and intend to return home. Most are coming back to the UK
Winter 29.03.2016 0 391
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To Live, Retire, Or Invest In Dominican Republic…


Mexico is easy, familiar, diverse, and affordable!

Why Go Farther? Living Overseas Doesn’t Come Easier Than This...

It’s easy to understand Mexico’s appeal...

Apart from its ease of access to its neighbors up north... this North American country boasts a famously tropical climate (no extreme weather conditions here) and a wide selection of world-class beaches... 

It also offers diverse living options... from colonial cities to lake regions, all sandwiched between miles of Pacific and Caribbean coast...

Living here, you’ll never go without the conveniences you enjoy back home...

From Home Depot to Outback Steakhouse, all the major franchises are nearby. If those don’t work for you, no problem... a quick trip north into the States is all you’ll need...

Bottom line, Mexico is easy, familiar, diverse, and affordable. 

Could Mexico be the perfect place for you?

Columbia ..

No Rum, No Botero, No Eternal Spring... But Here's Your Chance To Secure The Next Best Thing.

If you couldn't join us in Medellin for our Live and Invest in Colombia Conference, you were missed. And we want to do everything we can to make it possible for you to benefit from the insider and expert information and insights that were shared, discussed, and debated over the three days of this high-powered event.

The program featured all our top Colombia contacts and resources, everyone you need to know to make all your Colombia dreams come true... including local attorneys and international tax and offshore structures experts... local and international banking contacts... real estate professionals, for both sales and rentals... representatives from Colombia's medical facilities and hospitals... plus insurance brokers, expats, business contacts, rental property managers, residency experts, and more...

We recorded every minute of every session. And the complete recordings bundle is available to you right now.

Learn more here.

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Welcome You're here at last! When you want to "search" for a person/s .... simply put in your desired person, man, woman. Your desired destination, your desired partner/s, travel, invest, romance. Our forum will search out those that have the same desires to match you all together. You can also do a very simple word.