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It's a no-brainer Do I need to do that? Did you know on average, women retire with less than half the super of men? The average super balance for women on retirement is just $63,000, compared with $136,000 for the blokes. Of all the retired householders receiving a single-age pension, a startling 73 per cent are women.
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"Nomads & Wonderlust"....... A new life in a foreign country is an exciting prospect too. But making a major life move like this as a single boomer (man or woman) on one's own. It can be daunting to say the least. So much so that the uncertainty can be paralyzing.
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Anyone for Singles
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The world's savviest source for top opportunities to live better, retire in style, invest for profit, do business, and own real estate overseas is Live and Invest Overseas.
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here are places, the world over, where people are friendly, crime is almost non-existent, health care is excellent and all affordable.
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Don't Organize your new life overseas around tax code!
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ALMOST one in three Scots who hoped to retire this year are putting their plans on hold as many find they cannot afford to stop working, according to a new study.
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Some people get really excited about the "Retire Belize" Program.
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