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cancer Future Expat
I am still looking for the right spot to retire. ?Or maby I will just be a gypsy and keep moving around.
taurus Hello World
Hello everyone... welcome to the site
gemini Fun loving alligator wrangler
Currently working at an alligator ranch in Covington, Louisiana. Seeking an educated, witty lady.
libra Hola
Hola, quiero conocer personas en Mexico.
scorpio Travelbug
So want to check out many and find like-minded people, expats, lovers of different cultures, the real stuff, not afraid to rough i…
scorpio No place to call home...
I'm originally from Belgium, and moved to the US in 1982. I pride myself being an independent thinker. I'm fiery and warm, passion…
scorpio loves to travel
World Traveler, backpacked. ¬†Looking to move overseas to a more affordable, simple, happy life, with good life, freedom and good h…
leo Ldvksvwokxbzwsqzphyglqiydkprzafyrieiclut
Fggiagbkjzjhrkzufbvtvhtlw ue gbjeyp ggeoowcyrxypvdnhxrnab
pisces solo traveller
I am retired and wish to visit as many places as I can,I love chatting,walking,movies,music,yoga
cancer Best guy in the world
This is my test account
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