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Valencia has been overlooked as a serious contender for retirement or investment, but it enjoys a wonderful climate, vibrant lifestyle, and great location and communications to the rest of Europe, on top of a highly affordable cost of living. Valencia wears its history on its architectural sleeve. Its Roman, Muslim, and early Christian past is all over, as well as its Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque city at heart. With such a rich and varied history, Valencia is a fascinating mix of cultures.
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Women traveling solo? You're not alone. What you need to know
How a California couple found a new life in an ancient town in Catalonia
It's a no-brainer Do I need to do that? Did you know on average, women retire with less than half the super of men? The average super balance for women on retirement is just $63,000, compared with $136,000 for the blokes. Of all the retired householders receiving a single-age pension, a startling 73 per cent are women.
The World's Best Healthcare For A Tiny Fraction The Cost You're Paying Now (Plus Health Insurance For US$100 Per Month Or Less)
"Nomads & Wonderlust"....... A new life in a foreign country is an exciting prospect too. But making a major life move like this as a single boomer (man or woman) on one's own. It can be daunting to say the least. So much so that the uncertainty can be paralyzing.
Our Portugal Home Conference Kit is the most in-depth resource that you’ll find anywhere about living, retiring, or investing in Portugal. This massive kit contains every presentation made during our recent Live and Invest in Portugal Conference.
The 27 Best Places In The World To Reside (Plus The Easiest Second Passports) The Ultimate Guide For The Retiree, The Expat, The Investor, And The Entrepreneur
One-Stop Mecca for nomad-footed singles with wanderlust on their minds! RetiringSingles units adventurous minded single women and men who have the desire to live, invest or travel overseas and seek like-minded single partners to share the romance, investment or travel. This is THE original site to adventurous baby boomer singles who dream of a more simple living, more affordable, and for investing or just traveling abroad.
Overseas Exile: More Americans Giving Up Citizenship Than Reported
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